I/O Modules


Mindset - I/O Modules




Printer Module


The Printer Module pro-

vides an industry standard

interface for connection to

and of a number of parallel

interface printers .




RS-232-C Module


The RS-232-C Module

provides an EIA standard

RS-232-C serial interface

for connection to any

RS-232-C serial interface

device, such as printers

or plotters.



Modem Module 300


The Modem Model 300

provides a full featured 300

baud communications inter-

face with 300 baud asyn-

chronouse operation, auto

dial, auto answer, DTMF

and pulse dialing.  And it

connects directly to a stan-

dard telephone jack.



Telecom Cartridge


The Telcom Cartridge can

be inserted into one of the two

cartridge ports in the System

Unit.   Provides three simple

menu's.   Up to sixteen numbers

and log-on sequences can be stored

in the cartridge.

Requires 300 Baud or 1200 Baud

Modem Module




Stereo Sound Module


The Stereo Modele pro-

vides a connector for right-

channel audio output,

which, together with the

Audio Left Connector on the

System Unit, allows the

system to be connected to

any stereo sound system.





NVRAM Cartridge


The NVRAM Cartridge

provides 8K bytes of non-

volatile RAM for storing files

and programs.  This flexible

memory cartridge can be

used in conjunction with

application software to

store short files such as

word processing files,

name and address files,

or user-written programs.

The cartridge is inserted

into one of the two cartridge

port in the System Unit.

When the cartridge is removed

from the System Unit, an

internal rechargeable battery

stored data.





I/O Expansion



Compact, easily inserted

into System Unit or Expan-

sion Unit

Provide great flexibility for

enhancing unit